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Embracing the Seven Disciplines of a FireSmart Community

FireSmart is an initiative designed to help home and property owners reduce the threat of wildfire within the wildland/urban interface area. By implementing FireSmart pripractices, you become part of a commitment to help lessen the effects of wildfire in your community.

The MD has lived and breathed FireSmart since 2011. Four dedicated professionals assist the MD with the implementation of the seven disciplines of a FireSmart community. This team works as part of the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service as firefighters; as a Helicopter Attack crew by contract for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry; and as a vegetation management crew in our region.

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Being FireSmart means living with, and managing for, wildfire on our landscape.

FireSmart activities such as tree thinning, clearing and pruning occur at a regional level around a community to help reduce the risk of a wildfire entering the community. FireSmart also involves simple actions a homeowner can take to help decrease wildfire damage to their home and property.

The greatest wildfire threats to homeowners are the transfer of wildfire from house to house (direct heat) and ignition from ember showers. An ember shower is when large embers are thrown from a wildfire and carried into the air. Fifty percent (50%) of the homes burned from wildfires are started by sparks and embers.

While FireSmart cannot totally remove the threat of damage from a wildfire, property loss can be significantly reduced by performing FireSmart activities.

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