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The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Management Services Commission provides solid waste management and recycling services to commercial and residential customers in the Lesser Slave River region. The Municipal District of Lesser Slave River #124 and the Town of Slave Lake are key Commission partners.

The Commission operates a Regional Landfill 13 kilometres east of Slave Lake and works in tandem with other landfills, transfer stations, recycling facilities and related stakeholders. The Commission‘s progressive practices ensure that waste generation and management are as sustainable as possible in our boreal region. 

Many waste materials are diverted from the landfill and converted into usable products, including: 

  • Plastics
    Plastics are sorted, ground up and sold to an Alberta processor in Legal who makes composite lumber used in decking, planter boxes, picnic tables.  
  • Oil-related waste
    Most oil-related waste is picked up by Pat's Off-Road where it gets cleaned and reused. Oil Jugs and pails get thoroughly cleaned and repurposed. Oil is extracted from oil filters, and then the metal containers get crushed, cleaned, and recycled.
  • Electronics
    Waste electronic goods are sent to Edmonton where they are processed at Quantum’s Western Canada hub. They break materials down into raw commodities for shipment to approved downstream vendors who specialize in specific streams. Materials with reuse value are pulled and tested before moving through a refurbishment process that takes place at a separate facility.
  • Cardboard
    Recyclable cardboard is hauled to the Winterburn Transfer Station where it is sorted, baled, and shipped to a variety of paper mills to make other products. 
  • Paper
    Waste paper is sorted and baled in Westlock, then shipped to Capital Paper Edmonton for re-use.
  • Tires
    Liberty Tire Recycling sends our tires to processing plants across North America. Tires are ground up for use in products like rubber mulch for playgrounds and landscapes; welcome mats; vehicle mud guards; speed bumps; anti-fatigue mats; construction materials for roads; and cushioning for equestrian surfaces, tracks and athletic fields.

Construction of a new recycling hub will take place at the Regional Landfill and is scheduled to be fully operational in 2025. Once the facility is in full service, Administration will work towards transforming the landfill into a Regional Recycling Hub. This will allow the site to receive additional recyclable material from surrounding communities, businesses, and First Nations, while generating increased product revenue.

Award-winning regional waste management system

The MD was a recipient of the 2023 Collection Site Award of Excellence from Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA). This coveted provincial award acknowledges Alberta-based recycling facilities for operating in alignment with stringent criteria including organization, convenience, and public safety.

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