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The Importance of Municipal Servicing Standards

Municipal servicing standards are provided to set out the "minimum" allowable levels to which the requisite improvements are to be built. In instances where the standards do not cover a particular situation or occurrence, good engineering judgment shall be used. All development shall comply with the requirements of the MD, all applicable land use bylaws, and provincial and federal legislation.

No departure from these standards shall be permitted without the written approval of the Director of Field Services.

The MD shall be the final authority on any disputed plans. Minor revisions may be given verbal approval by the Director of Field Services, but a change order shall be issued to record such revisions.

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A Comprehensive Framework for Sensible, Sustainable Development

The Municipal Servicing Standards Manual is utilized by developers, engineering consultants, utility companies and various MD departments.

In addition to its value as an informational reference, this statutory document sets standards governing design, preparation and submission of plans and specifications for construction of municipal improvements within our borders. It provides a set of guidelines that outline the minimum expectations of MD staff when planning the development or redevelopment of lands through the subdivision process.

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