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Weed Control Partnership Program

The MD is pleased to partner with landholders on weed control measures. This partnership includes no-cost loans of herbicide application equipment (trailer sprayer, ATV sprayers and hand-held sprayers), plus rebates to landowners who destroy prohibited noxious weeds and control noxious weeds and on their lands.

Did You Know?

Alberta's Weed Control Act enables the Minister's authority to declare noxious or prohibited noxious weeds that present significant economic, social or ecological risks. The duties of individuals, local authorities, municipalities, and the Crown related to the prevention, control, and destruction of weeds are described in the Act.

We grant rebates of $20.00/acre to landholders who destroy prohibited noxious weeds and the control of noxious weeds on permanent cover land such as pastures, rangeland and fence lines. All prohibited noxious and noxious weeds are included.

Rebate Cap

Please note that the MD's Weed Control Partnership Program has a rebate cap of $1,200.00 (60 acres) per landholder.

The program rebate is based on the application of Restore II herbicide at the manufacturer’s full label rate on permanent cover land. The application of Reclaim II or Navius Flex herbicide may also qualify, pending consultation and confirmation with the MD's Agricultural Fieldman.

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Weed Control: Rural Mowing

Rural Mowing is a part of our Integrated Weed Management Plan for Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No.124. The mowing activities keep roadside vegetation short to improve visibility and to ensure proper drainage. Mowing widths may vary from the edge of the road and depend on slope, obstructions and wet areas.

  • Range roads and township roads are mowed twice per year, between May and September
  • Rural hamlets are mowed a minimum of once per year, potentially twice depending on weather

The MD is responsible for ensuring public and private properties comply with the Alberta Weed Control Act.

How Weeds Spread

  • Deliberately spread by humans.
  • Accidentally spread by humans, such as through agricultural produce, construction and landscaping materials, livestock movement, machinery and vehicles and waste disposal.
  • Naturally spread by birds, other animals, water and wind.

Custom Spraying Options

The MD's vegetation management crew has the equipment, specialized herbicides and applicators required to remove noxious weeds from infested lands. Custom application services are provided for $50/hour labour, plus herbicide at cost. A minimum $50 charge is applied to each service request. Contact the Agricultural Services team to make arrangements for a spraying estimate.

  • Please note that the MD's custom spraying service is limited to the following:
  • Agricultural land only (ex: fencelines pastures & crop land)
  • Noxious weeds only (ie: Tansy, Tall Buttercup, Canada Thistle, etc.)
  • Spot applications of a quarter acre or smaller only
  • Must sign a Permission to Enter Upon Lands to Control Vegetation agreement
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