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Any landholder who does not want herbicide treatment on the municipally-owned road allowances adjacent to their property can opt out.

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From June to October, Ag Services crews apply herbicides along MD-owned road allowances to eradicate prohibited noxious weeds, noxious weeds and woody species. We target different parts of the MD each season depending on where problem vegetation may exist.

To opt out of the MD's Roadside Herbicide Application Program, an exemption agreement must be signed and submitted prior to May 31 of each year. Once you enter into this exemption agreement, you assume the responsibility of prohibited noxious weed destruction, noxious weed control and woody species control on the road allowance.

To continue, please complete the form on this page. Alternately, you can download a PDF version of the form and submit your completed copy to the MD in person or via email.

Vegetation Management Exemption

Contact Information
Exemption Location(s)

Enter the location(s) of the land for which you are seeking a roadside sraying exemption.

It would help if you uploaded a diagram of your property showing where you wish the vegetation management exemption(s) to apply. Please indicate north on your diagram.

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