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The MD's environmental initiatives help address local and regional issues, including plastic pollution, land degradation, species decline, etc.

Alberta CARE

Alberta CARE plays an active role in waste management education and awareness through:

  • holding a successful, annual Alberta Recycling Conference an excellent forum to meet and discuss waste management and recycling matters of mutual interest.
  • submitting grant applications on behalf of northern schools to receive paper recycling bins and has organized the delivery of those bins.
  • holding more than 100 vermi-composting presentations in northern schools. Alberta CARE is currently training-the-trainers to continue doing vermi-composting presentations in schools.
  • community recycling workshops. Residents have the opportunity to receive information on what can be recycled and what the end result is of the recycled materials.

Cleanfarms Recycling Program

The MD is part of the twine recycling program at Smith and Flatbush Transfer Stations. This program is aimed at reducing the amount of twine that accumulates on farms throughout the MD. Twine bags are available at each transfer station.

The process:

  1. Remove debris
    Shake to remove debris, snow and ice.
  2. Bag it
    Place loose twine in a collection bag. Plastic twine only. Bags of twine mixed with netting, sisal twine, or other materials will be rejected.
  3. Return it
    Contact your local pilot collection site prior to dropping off material if unloading assistance is required, etc.

Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is an opportunity to assess areas of strength and potential environmental risks on a farming operation. It provides a farm with increased awareness of areas of potential environmental concern and helps outline site-specific, individualized plans to address, monitor or compensate these risks. It is voluntary and free, and it considers the farming operation as a whole.

Green Acreages Program

Ownership of small acreages, hobby farms and recreational properties is growing in Alberta. More and more, acreage owners are searching for information and support for how best to manage their properties in a sustainable manner. The Green Acreages program offers publications, workshops and incentives developed especially for acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners to help them implement stewardship practices that conserve and protect the valuable natural assets, such as air, land, water, wildlife, associated with their properties.

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