Securing Bales for Transport


The MD of Lesser Slave River has a Community Peace Officer program that enforces Provincial Legislations and Regulations, along with MD Bylaws.


There have been some clarifications at the Provincial level related to Bale Securement. Many people have been using the exemption found in Sec 17(5) of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulations AR 121/2009, which reads:

17(5) The provisions of sections 10 and 22 of NSC Standard 10 do not apply to a commercial vehicle that is registered as a Class 2 commercial vehicle under section 77(1)(b) and (2)(g) of the Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation (AR 320/2002), or a commercial vehicle that is operated under contract with a farmer for the purpose of hauling hay, used either singly or in combination with one or more trailers, when it is transporting stacks or round or rectangular bales of hay or straw within a 50-kilometre radius of the load’s place of origin if: (a) the vehicle while transporting the load does not exceed (i) the posted speed limit, where the posted speed limit is lower than 80 kilometres per hour, or (ii) 80 kilometres per hour, where the posted speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour or higher, and (b) the vehicle is not operated on any highway or portion of a highway listed in Schedule 7 except to cross the highway.

However, the above DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU from Section 5(2) of the Cargo Securement Standard which states:

“The cargo securement system shall provide a downward force equal to at least 20 % of the weight of an article of cargo if the article is not fully contained within the structure of the vehicle”.

What this means is that you MUST secure each bale with a strap, with a marked Working Load Limit of at least 20% of weight or aggregate weight of each bale or stack of bales loaded on any vehicle. For example: If you have a single bale that weighs 500kg, you must secure it with a strap marked with a WLL of 100kg.

Transporting hay bales? Please ensure you follow these securement guidelines. Failure to do so could result in fines up to $776 per infraction. For more information, contact Peace Officer Paul Mulholland at 780.849.4888.

Click Here to download this cargo securement bulletin in PDF format.

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