Member-at-Large Vacancies


The MD is looking for interested residents to volunteer on a number of boards. Every October, Council holds an organizational meeting and appoints Councillors and Members-at-Large to represent the MD on various organizations across the region. Most appointments are for a one-year term. Have some time and expertise to share? Have a look at the following Member-at-Large vacancies.

Agricultural Service Board

The purpose of this board is to promote, enhance, and protect viable and sustainable agriculture with a view to improve the viability of the agricultural producer. The board also advises on and helps organize weed, pest, and soil and water conservation programs through the development and promotion of agricultural policies that meet the specific needs of the municipality.

Meeting Frequency: Every Second Thursday of each month
Time/Place: 10:00 a.m. in Flatbush
Vacancies: Seeking 3 Members at Large

Weed Control Act Appeal Panel & Agriculture Pest Act Appeal Committee

Council annually establishes an independent Weed Control Act Appeal Panel & Agriculture Pest Act Appeal Committee to determine appeals of inspector’s notices, local authority’s notices and debt recovery notices.

Time/Place: Flatbush (when an appeal is made)
Vacancies: Seeking 6 Members at Large

Community Futures – Tawatinaw

A resident of the Flatbush/Chisholm are represent citizens on a volunteer board of directors. Tawatinaw Community Futures is a not for profit government funded corporation and provides small business counseling, assistance with business plans, business loans, entrepreneurial training and community economic development assistance to community partners.

Meeting Frequency: Eight meetings per year
Time/Place: Westlock
Vacancies:  Seeking 1 Member at Large

Municipal Planning Commission

The MPC shall be composed of six members appointed by resolution of Council for a specific period not to exceed three years. The Commission shall act as the Subdivision Authority pursuant to the provisions of the Land Use Bylaw. Bylaw 2015-11 was created to establish a Municipal Planning Commission.

Meeting Frequency: When required
Time/Place: MD Council Chambers/Flatbush Sub-Office
Vacancies: Seeking 3 Members at Large

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

This board meets only when a Development Permit has been refused or the permit holder is unsatisfied with the conditions placed upon the development. When these hearings are held, any person affected by the development has the right to present.

Meeting Frequency: When an appeal is made
Time/Place: MD Council Chambers
Vacancies: Seeking 4 Members at Large

Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority

The authority is governed by a seven member board with representation from Councils of the MD of Opportunity, Town of Slave Lake, MD 124 as well citizens at large from the MD and TOSL, appointees of the B.E.S. Legion of Slave Lake and local representative of the Metis Nation of Alberta. The authority strives to provide decent, low cost, subsidized housing to qualified applicants in the Lesser Slave Lake area.

Meeting Frequency: Once per Month
Time/Place: Slave Lake
Vacancies: 1 Member at Large

If any of the above-advertised vacancies are of interest, please submit an application to the address below, or drop one off at the MD administration office in Slave Lake.

  • Committee Application Form [interactive]

    Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No. 124
    Attention: Lana Spencer, Executive Assistant
    Box 722 Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0
    Fax: 780-849-4939
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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