Local History App in the Works


Local history expert – and herself a part of the region’s storied past – Sheila Willis is the driving force behind a new app in development called History Check: Everything Needed to Explore Northern Alberta.

Once launched, this new app will include thousands of geographic data points that inform users about their surroundings when they travel throughout the Lesser Slave River area. In addition to location-based history snippets, the app will pinpoint the locations of parks, golf courses, campgrounds, hotels, and other leisure and tourism-related goods and services.

Ms. Willis is the Executive Director of Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society (FHNAS) – a not-for-profit group whose mission is to "Preserve & Promote the History of Northern Alberta." The History Check app is the organization’s first major project, and is designed to chronicle the stories of northern Alberta's history, characters and events through the use of geographically specific, pop-up icons and related information. Other events and collaborations will be created within the app and its website counterpart to bring historical tourism to our area.

With her unique app loaded with points of interest both past and present, Ms. Willis hopes to attract greater numbers of adventurous souls to the Lesser Slave River region. It is also likely that those who live here will be surprised and enthralled by the rugged richness of the local history.

Check out the FHNAS Facebook Page for more information about this great organization, and for updates on the pending History Check app. Also, a GoFundMe Page has been created those who wish to contribute to the app’s development.

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